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30 metres - 80cm face 340 Molly Jones Blandy Jenkins AC 02/07/2022 Junior National Championships
50 metres - 122cm face 329 Molly Jones Blandy Jenkins AC 02/07/2022 Junior National Championships
Bray I 55 Robyn Howells Pentref Bowmen 11/02/2001 Glamorgan Championships
Bristol II 1006 S Quick Margam Archers 01/06/1996 Unknown
Combined WA Indoor 925 Megan Neve Perriswood Bowmen 26/01/2020 Castle Archers WA Combined
Double Portsmouth 1081 Molly Jones Blandy-Jenkins AC 19/01/2020 RJD Double Portsmouth
Double WA720 (50m Compound) 1206 Molly Jones Blandy Jenkins AC 04/07/2021 Junior National Championships
Portsmouth 551 Molly Jones Blandy-Jenkins AC 04/12/2021 Junior National Championships
Vegas 434 Megan Neve Perriswood Bowmen 23/02/2020 Castle Archers Vegas
WA 18 468 Megan Neve Perriswood Bowmen 05/01/2020 St Kingsmark WA 18
WA 25 547 Molly Jones Blandy-Jenkins AC 14/11/2021 Castle Archers WA25
WA 720 (50m Compound) 625 Molly Jones Blandy Jenkins AC 26/07/2022 AGB Youth Festival
WA 900 563 Amy Farrow Llantwit Major 14/06/2009 City of Newport
Windsor 50 (Short Windsor) 636 Anwen Marshall Celtic Archers 11/06/2011 Cleve Junior Open
Worcester 136 Tia Collins City of Newport 04/12/2005 Llandaff Santa Shoot