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Return to Outdoor Archery April 2021

We are pleased to announce a return to archery due to the recent changes in the Welsh Government Covid regulations.

As of 26 April, organised outdoor sporting activities can take place for groups of up to 30 people of any age (this number does not include children under 11).

This means clubs can now return to archery with a total of 30 people on the field at any one time. This number has to include archers, coaches and anyone else on the field and everyone involved must continue to follow the 2 metre social distancing rules. There must be a minimum distance of 3.66 metres between target boss centres.   

Two archers from different households can share a target where necessary. However, we would prefer that where this happens, they should shoot as separate details unless this proves unworkable. Where two archers from different households are sharing a target, then all the necessary hygiene procedures in terms of pulling arrows, touching the target face etc must be applied. Family groups and bubbles may continue to share a target.

All previous rules around not sharing and sanitising equipment still apply.

We hope that you will all now start to enjoy a safe return to archery.   

Expressions of Interest for the Commonwealth Games Archery Event, India 2022

As part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, there is a possibility that a separate archery event will be held in Chandigarh, India in January 2022.

It is the intention that any medals awarded at this event will be added to the final medal table at the end of the Commonwealth Games which is being held in Birmingham in June 2022.

As part of being awarded this event, India, as hosts, have previously indicated that they would pay for the travel and accommodation for the teams, but this has not yet been confirmed. At the moment there are also a lot of unknowns regarding travel in the future which may affect WAA’s ability to send a team but hopefully this will become clearer as time goes on.

If the Championships go ahead, it will include the following events:

Men’s Recurve - Individual and Team

ladies Recurve - Individual and Team

Men’s Compound - Individual and Team

Ladies Compound - Individual and Team

To help us discuss how we proceed, we would like anyone who is interested in being selected for these Games to please complete the information below and return it by April 1st.

Archers need to be aware that for this event team members will need to fulfil the Commonwealth Games Federation eligibility criteria, which can be found in Article 25 of the CGF Constitution.

Information Required:


Shooting Style

Date of Birth

Contact email address

 2019 GB Ranking

2019 WAA Ranking

Confirmation that you meet the CGF eligibility criteria

An indication of whether you would be prepared to self-finance a place on the team, if necessary

Expressions of interest should be made by 1st April by e-mail to Debbie Cooke, Senior Team Manager via cpplemum@aol.com

New Rules of Shooting

Archery GB have released a new Rule Book.

Changes since the October edition are as follows:

Equipment - aligning the Archery GB Rules with the World Archery Rules. The rules for Compound, Recurve, and Barebow now reference the World Archery rule book directly. These rules are helpfully printed in Appendix F of the Archery GB rule book for ease of reference. This change will make it easier for archers, as for Recurve, Compound, and Barebow the rules are the same no matter which event you are at. This means that for Archery GB events we need to use the 12.2cm ring for checking Barebows.

Additional Rounds added on page 3.13 - to include WA 50m for Barebow, Double 70m & 50m Rounds, and Barebow Match Round.

Clarification of scoring for the Vegas 300 Round - 409A (e)(iii) "Rule 404 applies for scoring, with the exception that Compound Archers will score 10 for an Inner 10 and 10 for an Inner Gold (Rule 404(a)).

Please make sure you update all copies of your rule books, particularly any electronic versions.

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